This is the author website for the irrepressible, medium-rare element known to some as Seamus “The Hernia King” Eaton. Welcome one and all, except for that guy with the mustard stain on his…oh, nevermind. Thought it was a mustard stain.

Hey, earnestly, seriously, I’m glad you found your way here. It’s a nice place, like Halloween, but with more…me. (Sorry, Tony, but you’re dead, so…)

Please check back now and again–every six minutes or so–for information on readings, signings, artwork, spells, faux pas’s, ingredients, secrets, answers, and cures.  I’m adding a glossary here to keep from having to throw it into the next book (it is a cumbersome, hefty mess, to be sure, useful only to the most diligent of readers, and on occasion, to me).

Any questions regarding the text or…anything at all, try the contact page and get in touch!

You can purchase The Ashorne’s Ingress here on Amazon. Please note that the book is available through Kindle Unlimited, but the formatting there is a veritable atrocity, so…caveat emptor. Special bonus: if you get the Kindle version, you can have Amazon Alexa read it to you, and then you get to hear her butcher pretty much every single name in the book, over and over and over…yee ha!

Peace my friends. In spirit, in absent-chia, I raise a glass to you all!