A second book is coming…

So after a hugely, and I mean HUGELY successful sojourn to the Long Island Geek Convention this month, I am off and running with renewed inspiration to finish the second book in the series. Those of you who’ve read The Ashorne’s Ingress understand that it very much requires a follow-up — and if you haven’t read the first, well, you know now anyway, doncha?

Not unusual for books in this genre to beget more books, methinks. We all know about the efforts of GRRM…is it six books and counting now? Five? And there are plenty of other wonderful series to dive into as well. I’m not promising five or six books, but definitely two, maybe three…

Tentatively titled “The Pengyou Paradox”, the second book in the Arban Tales ‘series’ will be out sometime in the late spring of 2019. That’s if all goes according to plan, natch.


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